Whickham Cleaners

Ironing and Home Cleaners WhickhamHere at Select House Cleaners, we have to say that introducing Whickham cleaners keeps us quite busy, it’s one of our most popular areas.

If you haven’t visited our Prices page, it’s worth a visit by clicking HERE, or via the link at the top of this page, because on there you’ll see just why we’re so popular, not only in Whickham, but all over the North East.

The main reason is simply that we want to provide the best value house cleaning and ironing service in the area and to help people move away from the £15, £16 and £18 per hour services which abound.

We want to make home cleaning or ironing more affordable and while everyone will appreciate that we can’t give the service away, we sincerely try and offer the best value it’s possible to give.

We provide an easy in – easy out agreement which runs quarter by quarter, however you can end the agreement at any time you choose.  Full details can be viewed by clicking HERE.

In addition, we guarantee that our Management Fee will never increase, once a customer joins us, the fee in force at that time will be locked into place and the client will never be subject to an increase – we don’t know of another cleaning company who offers that guarantee to its customers.

We also provide £2,000,000 worth of public liability insurance cover, plus a bank of over 160 house cleaners and everyone is checked and vetted via a home visit where we take references both personal and professional, including police checks too.

Interested in fortnightly instead? We have you covered there too, just give us a ring, the numbers at the bottom of this page, prices are all shown on our Home page and elsewhere on this site.

More About Our Whickham Cleaner’s Service

If you want to experience the breath of fresh air that is the Select House Cleaner service, please give us a ring, the numbers are at the foot of this page.

We ONLY introduce cleaners who are local to a client’s area, we know of some cleaning companies who transport their cleaners, in some cases, more than 30 miles for a 2 hour clean, this is obviously very costly for the company concerned and can be tiring for the cleaner too as their work is quite labour intensive, for that reason, if you live in Whickham, expect a LOCAL cleaner from us, not someone from Sunderland, South Shields or further afield.

With in excess of 160 cleaners on our database, finding a suitable cleaner is not an issue.

Ring or email, details are at the foot of this page and we’ll call or message you back, there’s no obligation whatsoever, we’ll answer any questions, or if you prefer, we’ll make an appointment for someone to call.

Have a look around some of the other pages on this site where you’ll find further information about us – and how we operate.

Below you’ll find an interesting video about the history of Whickham.