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Home cleaners and ironers SunderlandFor Sunderland, Tyne and Wear house cleaning, Select House Cleaners should be high up on your consideration list because we guarantee to save you money.

If you visit our Prices page by clicking HERE, you’ll see just how we can save you money.

All domestic cleaners are local to the area and to further enhance our guarantee to save you money, you’ll find there’s a clause in the agreement which states that our customers will never have to pay an increase of our Management Fee – ever – no matter how long they remain with us, that’s our way of rewarding our customers for remaining loyal.

We offer weekly cleaning at £11.25 per hour, fortnightly cleaning at £12.25 and one off cleans such as Spring cleans, move in, move out – and after builders cleans require only a £15 deposit and £10 per hour.

We also have a database of more than 16o professional home cleaners who are all covered with a Public Liability Insurance policy to the tune of £2000,000 for your peace of mind.

How do we offer such reasonable prices? Well it’s down to our cost savings, we’re not part of a franchise, as they can be notoriously expensive because the owner of the franchise normally has to pay a monthly fee to the owner of the franchise and in some instances they’re also required to pay a fee based on their turnover too – all of these extras have to be covered by adding them to what customers have to pay

Ironing Service SunderlandSecondly, some companies utilise expensive offices with all of the costs that this entails, e.g., business rates, rent or mortgage, office furnishings, receptionists, admin and accounts staff etc., all of these have to be paid for – and the customer is the main person to bear the cost.

Our office space is furnished and is shared with other companies on one large floor with two receptionists who handle all incoming calls to the building  and then pass them onto the respective business, furthermore, every business is separated from one another to ensure privacy, this whole situation is a more cost effective solution than renting a stand alone office with all of the subsequent costs

We also have a deliberate policy of marketing our service at as low a price as possible  – we’d rather have many customers paying a small amount than have a few paying a higher rate.

We’ve been in business now for 14 years and have over 400 regular clients – some companies regard a lot of customers as being around 50 to 80.

So if you want to experience REAL value for money in Sunderland – and experience for yourself the Select House Cleaners difference – please email or ring us, our details are at the foot of this page and if you want to meet us to have a chat, or just over the phone, we’ll be only too pleased to assist – without any obligation whatsoever.