Peterlee House Cleaning | Ironing

[bee-pricing beeid=’2768′] Peterlee House CleanersFor Peterlee house cleaning or ironing, here’s why you should consider Select House Cleaners (SHC).

As far as we’re aware, no other home cleaning or ironing service that covers Peterlee, or the surrounding areas such as Shotton, Easington or Horden etc., offers everything that we offer as standard.

So what do we offer?

Well, unlike other companies who operate in the domestic cleaning marketplace and who quote cleaning rates of £12, £14, or £18 an hour and higher – we have always offered prices at more reasonable levels, this has been our policy from the very beginning.

There are even others who don’t quote by the hour, they quote by the job instead, be that weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a one off, these type of businesses usually hide a VERY high gross hourly rate, with the cleaner being paid the least and the company grossing between £15 and £25 per hour.

In the latter example, that’s why they don’t quote an hourly rate, because many customers wouldn’t give them the time of day if they knew precisely how much per hour they were really being charged.

But we also ensure all cleaners are local to the area they work, plus we also guarantee that we will never increase our Management Fee – ever – to our existing customers and Police checked cleaners are available too.

Affordable Peterlee House Cleaning

Select House Cleaners offer weekly cleaning in the town for £10 per hour, fortnightly cleaning is provided at £10.95 per hour – and one off cleans, such as Spring cleans, move in – move out cleaning and after builder’s cleaning can be obtained for a £15 deposit followed by £9 per hour.

Coupled with everything else we’ve mentioned above, we sincerely believe that our prices and service are extremely hard to beat

There’s some locally related videos below.