Gateshead House Cleaning | Ironing

Gateshead House CleanersFor Gateshead house cleaning or ironing is made more affordable because of the way Select House Cleaners operate.

We don’t transport cleaners into areas from outside their own home town, in addition, because we’re not a franchise, we don’t have large monthly fees to pay to the Franchisor or have to pay a percentage of our turnover to a Franchisor either, plus, we use the customer’s cleaning materials, because if we brought in our own, we’d have to charge extra for doing so – and what’s the point in charging you in effect twice for polish, window cleaner and dusters, etc., when you almost certainly already have your own – and presumably you’re happy with them because you wouldn’t have purchased them in the first place had you not liked them.

All of these methods of keeping overheads to a minimum help US to save YOU money, because the harsh truth is, there’s no such thing as a free lunch in business, if a company incurs high costs, these will invariably have to be met by the customer.

Do we claim to be the cheapest cleaning company in Britain? No we don’t  – and neither do we want that dubious accolade.

All businesses must be profitable not only to survive but to prosper as well.  If you work in private industry your very livelihood depends on the overall profitability of your employer, even with local government, if expenses exceed income, staff cutbacks can result, so we don’t try and run our business on a shoe string because no one will benefit from that, but neither are we wasteful by incurring huge overheads which have to be passed onto our customers via high prices.

You’ll find all of our cleaning and ironing rates are very competitive indeed.  At £11.25 per hour for weekly and £12.25 per hour for fortnightly (which includes full Public Liability Insurance) plus checked and vetted, professional house cleaners  – and a full management service – you’ll find Select House Cleaners is hard to beat.

All cleaners are local to their own town, a Gateshead cleaner will be from the Gateshead area, as Hartlepool cleaners will be local to their town too, wherever you live in the North East of England, we have a local cleaner and/or ironer for YOU!