Customer Cleaning Testimonials

Testimonials from ClientsHere’s four recent unsolicited customer cleaning testimonials received since November 2015.

The originals are retained on file for anyone to view if so required.

To protect the on-line privacy of all people involved, we have only used their name or initials and town or city, rather than their street address.

We reserve the right to abridge any testimonials which we receive, as some move on to other subjects within their text, we will, in such circumstances, only use the wording which relates to our service to ensure our customer’s privacy is protected.

Testimonials are welcomed at any time, in the first instance please send them by email stating how you want your name to appear, e.g., full name, Christian name or just intials, we’ll never print your full address, sticking instead, as stated above, with your town or city only, however if you prefer us not to place that on-line, just tell us and we’ll be pleased to ensure it does not appear.

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