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The Canadian home cleaning site ‘Clean My Home’ is extremely popular, not only in Canada but in many other countries throughout the world too. Such is its popularity that it usually generates thousands of views per video. ¬†What we like about this particular channel is that Melissa, the site’s hostess, generally uploads new videos once a week, so there’s a growing new list of tips to view.

As mentioned above, C.M.H. is a Canadian site, so a number of brands may be known by different names in the UK, but baking soda is baking soda, as liquid soap is liquid soap, whether it’s called Fairy here in the UK, or by another brand name in Canada.

The Videos from the Clean My Home Video channel are all available to view below.

Your Select House Cleaner would be pleased to oblige if there’s some technique or recommendation that you like which is shown on the videos below (wherever practical of course) in which case all you need to do is have a chat with your cleaner and she’ll do her best to comply.

We trust you’ll find at least some of the tips on this page useful and informative.